Between Hieromonk Gregory (Lourie)
and Vladimir Moss

The present written dialogue was begun in March 2001 with the blessing of His Eminence, Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal and Vladimir, First Hierarch of ROAC. The initiative to carry out the dialogue originated with Vladimir Moss. However, in August 2001, after receiving a reply from Hieromonk Gregory (Dialogue-3b), Mr. Moss announced that he was ending the dialogue (allegedly with the blessing of Metropolitan Valentine), inasmuch as ROAC had formed a Theological Commission, which would henceforward decide all such disputed questions. Nonetheless, Mr. Moss, who was appointed head of the Commission by decree of Metropolitan Valentine, quickly resigned from its work, but without resuming the dialogue with Hieromonk Gregory.


Inasmuch as Mr. Moss, shortly after the interruption of the dialogue, began to cite material from this dialogue on the Internet in a biased manner (thereby violating the dialogue's original terms of confidentiality), I considered it beneficial to make these documents available to all interested parties.


Hieromonk Gregory, in responding to Mr. Moss, was assisted by several members of ROAC,
including the author of this site.


Text in blue represents the authors' emphasis.


The dialogue was conducted in Russian; the present translation into English was done by independent sources.

Dialogue-introduction-a (V. Moss)

Dialogue-introduction-b (Hieromonk Gregory)

Dialogue-1а (V. Moss)

Dialogue-1b (Hieromonk Gregory)

Dialogue-2а (V. Moss)

Dialogue-2b (Hieromonk Gregory)

Dialogue-3a (V. Moss)

Dialogue 3b (Hieromonk Gregory)