Theological Discussion About the Name of God:
Historical and Contemporary

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Holy Fathers on the Name of God

Address of the Confessors of the Name of God
[to the Court of the Holy Council of the Russian Orthodox Church]
August 1, 1918

From a letter of Bishop Juvenaly of Tula and Odoeva to St. Patriarch Tikhon the Confessor
November 6, 1920

Tatiana Senina (Nun Kassia)
The status of divine revelation in the works of Hieromonk Anthony Bulatovich

in Scottish Journal of Theology 64:4 (2011) 377389

Between Hieromonk Gregory (Lourie) and Vladimir Moss
MarchAugust 2001

Tatiana Senina (Nun Kassia)
Name-Glorifying or Name-Worshipping?
The Divine Name Controversy and the Athonite Name-Glorifying Movement, 19101920

December 17, 2001

Tom E. Dykstra
Heresy on Mt. Athos: Conflict over the Name of God
Among Russian Monks and Hierarchs, 19121914

1988 Master's Thesis

Materiels at the Web-site

Timeline for Alexander Bulatovich (future father Antony)
from 1870 until he became a monk in 1907, with excerpts from his military record

Alexandr K. Bulatovich, From Entotto to the River Baro (St. Petersbourg, 1897)

Alexandr K. Bulatovich, With the Armies of Menelik II (St. Petersbourg, 1900)

Isidor S. Katsnelson, A. X. Bulatovich Hussar, Explorer, Monk (Moscow, 1971)

Letters from Princess Mary (Mariya Ksaveryevna) Orbeliani, sister of father Antony (Bulatovich),
to Richard Seltzer

Transcripts of tape-recorded conversations with Princess Mary (Mariya Ksaveryevna) Orbeliani,
sister of father Antony Bulatovich, June 34, 1973

Richard Seltzer, The Name of Hero
historical novel based on the life of Alexander Bulatovich

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