From a letter of Bishop Juvenaly of Tula and Odoev
to St. Patriarch Tikhon the Confessor

November 6, 1920

“From my numerous talks with them [i.e. leaders of the Athonite Fathers living in exile in Moscow: Abbot David of St. Andrews Skete, monks Irinei, Peter and Manasses of St. Panteleimon’s Monastery] and having been  acquainted with them for over five months, I was fully convinced in their Orthodoxy, and I have not noticed anything heretical in their reasonings. With your blessing, I even sent monk Irinei to Your Eminence [i.e. to Patriarch Tikhon] for a personal interview, and as you told me, neither did Your Eminence find anything heretical in him.”

Source: Hegumen Andronik (Trubachev), The Athonite debate over the Name of God and its consequent fate, Pravoslavnaya Beseda, #4 (2000) 39.


Note: This explains a well-known fact that Patriarch Tikhon, disregarding entirely the previous synodal decisions against the Athonite fathers, on numerous occasions concelebrated openly with Archimandrite David, the former Abbot of St. Andrew’s Skete and the leader of the Athonite fathers.